Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Need a Great Halloween Safety Product? Try the GLOWSTORM!

There are some pretty horrifying statistics out there regarding the safety of trick-or-treaters on Halloween. Everyone here at All Weather Whistle recognizes this, and so are more than thrilled to introduce our newest product, aimed at keeping all the little ghosts, goblins, and ne-er-do-wells SAFE on Halloween: the Glowstorm!

Pretty cool, right? I've been carrying around a prototype of the Glowstorm for a few years now, and it makes finding your keys in the bottom of your purse incredibly easy. And I just always thought glow-in-the-dark things were totally neat-o.

The press release is below, if anyone's interested. You can buy it both through Amazon OR through our website!



Dr. Howard Wright Launches a New Glow-in-the-Dark Whistle in time for Halloween

St. Louis, Missouri: To children, Halloween means dark and scary costumes, free candy, and the one night in the year when they’re encouraged to ring the doorbells of strangers. But to their parents, Halloween is a much scarier time. As the father of three children, inventor Dr. Howard Wright also knows the anxiety of Halloween, and has just released a brand-new product to alleviate those fears: a glow-in-the-dark safety whistle. “As a father, I remember the anxiety I felt watching my children scurry out of the house on Halloween night. I wanted something to help me both visibly and audibly help keep track of my children. That’s when the idea of the Glowstorm came to mind.”

Dr. Wright successfully took his patented, award-winning Windstorm whistle design and constructed it in high-impact, phosphorescent plastic, complete with a safety coil to secure the whistle conveniently to the child’s wrist. The glow-in-the-dark whistles are made from a phosphorescence plastic that is completely non-toxic and non-flammable, and are able to safely glow in the dark due to simple physics: energy in the form of visible light is absorbed by the phosphorescent material, and is then released very slowly.

The Glowstorm retains all of the qualities of the Windstorm, including easy-to-grasp ridges, a size small enough to easily fit in a child’s hand, and a maximum volume of 110 decibels. The Glowstorm can also be heard up to fifty feet underwater, just like every whistle manufactured by All Weather Safety Whistle Company.

While Halloween is an incredibly exciting time for a child, it can also be a dangerous one. With the Glowstorm whistle, your child will not only have a safety device at hand should he need to attract attention, but will also be more visible at night with a Glowstorm whistle hanging from their wrist. “Halloween should be an exciting and frightening time for children, but never for their parents. My Glowstorm whistle is the perfect Halloween safety device—children love carrying the Glowstorm, and parents love the peace of mind.

Glowstorm whistles can be purchased exclusively from the All Weather Whistle Company, either through their website (www.stormwhistles.com), or through a search on Amazon.com

ABOUT:  The All Weather Safety Whistle Company was founded in 1988 by Dr. Howard Wright as the manufacturers of the Storm Whistle, the loudest whistle in the world. The smaller, Windstorm whistle is compact enough to be easily gripped, has a maximum volume of 110 decibels, and can be heard up to fifty feet underwater. They are manufactured from high-impact plastic at Koller-Craft Industries in St. Louis, Missouri, and packaged at Lafayette Industries, a local, non-profit affirmative industry. For more information, please visit www.stormwhistles.com.

Contact: Jessica Wright, Marketing Director
jwright (at) stormwhistles dot com

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