Thursday, October 13, 2011

Our Video Podcasts Have Been Viewed over One Thousand Times! YAAAAY!

As some of you may know, Storm Whistle inventor Dr. Wright and I have been putting together science podcasts for the last few months, called "Dr. Wright Breaks It Down for You." They've been pretty much a blast to record them, though the viewcounts aren't nearly as high as, let's say, the Siberian Husky saying "I love you." Which is a little disheartening.

BUT, I logged onto Youtube the other day to check our lifetime viewcounts of the video podcasts, as we're at 1,015!  That's quadruple digits! Not too shabby.

To everyone who's tuned in, thank you so, SO much for your support. We hope to make science easier for everyone to understand, one Microsoft Paint animation at a time.

Here's the newest one, if anyone's interested:

In this week's episode, Dr. Wright and I discuss how exactly all those glow-in-the-dark frisbees, yo-yos, and Glowstorm Whistles work. I jump to the conclusion that these items clearly must be emitting nuclear radiation, and have to be reminded about the Law of Conservation of Energy. Oops.

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